The Factions

Leading Weapons Syndicate [LWS]

A primarily technology development faction.  With multiple bases throughout the Nuivairyiux  star system and ties with such super-corporations as Ultratech, the LWS prides themselves on the latest technological developments and powerful weapons.  LWS are sometimes commonly referred to as “Techies” or “Tech-heads”.



Overseen by the Council which is the authoritative power for populations throughout the star system, the Confederacy under the command of the Council maintains order on the most populated and central planet in the Nuivairyiux star system – Phaeadron.  The confederacy is highly structured and acts under a strict code of ethics and societal maintenance.  They are simply seen as the law enforcers of the populous.


Space Designation Network [SDN]

Is an independent group with operations in surveying, cataloguing and salvaging primarily space objects and exploration findings. Not a lot is know of this faction and aside from starships they have no known base of operations.


Xeno Biological Research [XBR]

A faction with interests in alien life forms as well as technology and weapons developed from biological specimens.  The XBR have ties to the Frontier Exploration Group and are a keen interest of Omnimed, a leading medical and implant corporation.  Thought to have head-quarters within the star system, though an exact location is currently unknown.


Non-faction Aligned [NFA]

Are multiple bands of individuals, some with military or industrial experience and some disbanded from other factions.  Primarily located on Phaeadron, the collection of people distance themselves from the other recognized factions and mostly hide out from the Confederacy whom consider them ‘rebels’.  The activities of the NFA range from ‘surviving’ to planned missions to ‘fight back’ against the Council or another faction.


Frontier Exploration Group [FEG]

Available under contract to search new worlds or regions of space, the FEG is a neutral group with no known military force aside from basic defensive capability.  Their numbers are few and their operations tend to be on the fringes or away on new exploration missions.

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